Arnold has named the second best free-kick goalscorer 

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Arnold has named the second best free-kick goalscorer behind him at Liverpool.

Trent Alexander-Arnold Liverpool ‘s world-class right-back has revealed that. Who is the second most dangerous free-kick killer who spins a still ball after himself in the current Reds army?

“I’ve always said that I’m not the one who gets 100% free-kick goals, so if one day someone walks in and says I’m 100% confident and asks to take the shot instead. I will definitely give him my full support,” Trent told UFABET.

“Of course, every professional footballer has an ego of what he is good at. Even as a defender, I always feel like seeing my name on the scoreboard or being made headlines for scoring important goals for the team.”

“But one thing is true. All of my teammates believed in me more than I felt about myself. So I feel that it’s fair for us to play free-kicks all by ourselves.”

“At the same time, if someone is more confident I would let him try it out with my heartfelt glee. is that you have to clear this first that We train together every day in every program so we know each other’s abilities very well.”

“Accurate free-kick shots. You must have all the strength and advanced techniques. We know how well each one is doing. Therefore, I dare to insist that if I would give way to anyone That person is Virgil van Dijk!!”

“Maybe if it’s an open angle for a left-footed shot. He might even do better than me. But overall, I’m still confident that I’m doing well, even if I might not score a goal.”