Forlan reveals how likely he is that Nunez will join Manchester United

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Forlan reveals how likely. He is that Nunez will join Manchester United

Former Manchester United striker Diego Forlan has urged Uruguay star Darwin Núñez to join Old Traf from Benfica. Ford after this season

“Nunez is still a very young forward, but he’s back in full strength and scoring a lot of goals, and his form at Benfica this season has been unbelievable,” said the Uruguay legend. Age told UFABET.

“Nunez’s performance in the UEFA Champions League It’s wonderful beyond words. Needless to say, I knew how high this kid’s hidden potential was. He is learning to grow through each match. If possible, I would like to move to Manchester United. Because it will be the best for him and the club.”

“Right now the world is amazed by the number of goals Nunez has scored this season. But what’s even cooler, of course, are the different methods he uses to pass the ball over the net to reach the net. It also has a huge influence on Benfica’s offensive game in every game.”

“You’ve seen what Nunez can do against a strong team like Liverpool, and it really confirms that six goals in the UCL took Benfica through to the 8th round. The last team is not a fluke at all.”

“Assuming that if Nunez came to play for Manchester United, his style might have changed a bit. But that’s not a problem. Because it’s a step of upgrading yourself. Plus, the English Football League and the Portuguese League are not the same.”

“But one thing I’m very confident about is that Nunez will be many times better. If he comes to the English Premier League as soon as possible.”