Legend urges Arsenal not to buy a new striker

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Legend urges Arsenal not to buy a new striker Because no one fits Arteta philosophy.

Kleberson, former football legend Outgoing advice to Arsenal that this summer do not need to spend large sums to buy a new striker into the army at all. Because no one in the market can match the philosophy of manager Mikel Arteta any more.

“With the philosophy Arteta instilled in the team perfectly. with a unique playing style like no other So I feel that no other striker in the market will fit in with them at this time,” the Samba star told UFABET.

“Arsenal today are truly a young energy team and since the DNA is so clear I would like Arteta to try to find a striker from the academy or a small team instead. There is no need to spend a large sum of money to buy people. Who are not log in at all.”

“Besides, raising a youngster into a legend in football is a remarkable 30-year club culture. At Arsenal and I am delight that Arteta continues to carry that good. Even if Arsene Wenger has retired.”

“Sounds clear, I don’t expect Arsenal to be able to become a Premier League contender in the next two or three years, so they don’t need to rush into anything that’s pushing or pushing too hard. suitable and highly talented enough to come up That’s the right answer. Even though it’s a bit difficult, it’s still worth it.”

“Because in the end, if you are impatient and invest huge sums of money to buy the famous Stryker, it will not be successful and it can turn into a big financial failure as well.”