Gomez reveals the name of the nightmare god wings

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Gomez reveals the name of the nightmare god wings of All the fullbacks in the world.

Liverpool right-back Joe Gomez has revealed that The versatile winger that has become a nightmare for full-backs from around the world is his new friend, Luis Diaz. Who has just move in.

“Personally, I think Luis Diaz is already a top player. And as soon as he came in to play for Liverpool, the potential was rolled up to a much higher level than before,” Gomez told UFABET.

“The main thing that has made Diaz so highly regarded over the last two months is probably because The philosophy of play that Jurgen Klopp has in place at Liverpool is that we have intense press games for 90 minutes and try to keep crushing our opponents without a break.

“With that attacking style, Diaz can use his quality to the fullest. The technique of playing with a soccer ball is that you don’t have to explain anything, it’s really good.”

“But what impressed me the most was that Diaz was a fast winger who was brave enough to take on the extras. It has become a nightmare for every full-back player in the world.”

“He’s not just a winger who just runs up front and crosses the ball in the middle or just tries to cut himself in. But the vision of creating opportunities to attack with teammates is also outstanding and unpredictable. Trust me, no full-back would want to face a wing like this.”

“Aside from his personal skills, Diaz is also extremely smart, has a deep tactical understanding. We couldn’t have asked for more from him, to be honest we’re happy to see him adapt so quickly because it’s been a huge plus for the team.