Pok Deng Techniques

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How to play Pok deng online It is a basic card game. at all online casino players Must have been through playing the first game. Principles of playing this game. Players must win 3 cards to get the most points. Online Pok deng TechniquesThe dealer will deal 2 cards to the players each leg first. If your score is less than 4, you will need to ask for a 3rd card, otherwise it will be forfeit immediately. Highest win It will be called 8 and 9. If anyone scores 2 of these patterns in 2 cards, It is consider try to enter ทางเข้า UFABET

It will be consider a knockout win. Get paid immediately. The part in this game is call. It is because it can win with 2x or 3x points. Cards of the same suit of the same color. Will be count as a bounce immediately Or it may be playing 2 cards of the same rank. This is call bouncing. For example, you get 9 spades and 9 spades. The total will be 8 points. We call it Pok 8, two bounces. As for the 5 winning techniques that you will It is recommend that you bet on online poker games as follows:

Techniques to beat online poker single leg

If you ever bet on Pokdeng games You probably know that one table can choose to play games with more than one leg, but can only play a maximum of 3 legs. Technically, choose to play only one leg. It is a technique of playing bounce. that saves you the most We will give you an example to give you a clear picture of why choosing to play only one leg. Therefore, playing is the safest. If you choose to bet on more than 1 game in 1 eye, it may be 2 or 3 legs

When you are the loser in case the dealer wins by knock. You will lose all 3 legs immediately unless one of the legs hit the dealer. therefore less waste But no matter what, it’s a disadvantage anyway. or even if the dealer does not win by knock it is difficult at your hand Will have a good score to win all 3 legs of the dealer, so choosing to play poker online more than 1 leg is a playing technique that is not recommend.

choose as the dealer will be the most advantageous to others

Many Pokdeng players are afraid of being a dealer. or not brave enough to be a dealer for fear of being at a disadvantage in the game but in fact Choosing to be a Pokdeng Dealer It is the most advantageous playing technique. Think like a lucky person. If you are on the side of Pok Nine whether to bounce or not to bounce You will be able to eat all the money of the apprentice. except that there will be a leg that has the same score as a collision But the chances of that happening are very small, but if you think like a lucky person, it’s not very good. At least your points must be more than 3-5 people in the circle. There is no way that you will lose the circle for sure. Except in the case of getting 0 points, but 0 points is always a loss. because there may be many more legs who got the same points as you Crash into temples, so you can play like a dealer. Therefore, playing is the most advantageous.