Introducing how to play Mahjong in a masterful style.

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Introducing how to play Mahjong in a masterful style. If you want to get rich. You must rely on these techniques.

(Mahjong) or Mahjong may not be very popular in Thailand. Because it is a popular gambling game in China. In the past, playing cards outside the finch Only in foreign casinos only. But now can find bets on Online gambling website, plus the format, how to play Mahjong, is also the same as real gambling. So today anyone who is interest and wants to make money from playing bird cards, today we will let everyone know the secret from the master directly.  

How many mahjong tiles are there in total?

If anyone who has ever played but UFABET online baccarat Of course, This kind of game might be too difficult for you because Mahjong has a style of play similar to Dominoes, with 136 Mahjong tiles in total, but the difference between them is the symbols on the tiles. The symbols are divide into two main sets as follows:

  • There are 3 sets of numeric symbols, divided into sets of 9, each of which is a string set, a ten thousand set, and a coin set.
  • The symbols are divided into 2 types, namely, the direction set, which has a total of 4 directions, namely north, south, east and west. Another symbol is dragon character set Which will be divided into 3 together as follows.

How to play Mahjong

The process of playing Mahjong How to play is to match 3 that are the same. Then it will organize into a set. Which each person receive a total of 13 fathers each. When matching until complete and so on, is consider a win The pairs that are caught are 3 pairs and 4 pairs.

If one’s card runs out first, it wins. And what makes playing this game like dominoes is that there are discards and draws. So besides being an easy and fun game If anyone has a technique to play, then The chances of winning each bet are not difficult at all.

If anyone is going to bet on this type of game, they may have to overlook first. Because here is not yet open for service. The famous casino game camp is not yet open for service as well.