Baccarat online card games on the web casino. What formats are available to bet?

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Baccarat online card games on the web casino. What formats are available to bet?

Classic Baccarat

Let’s start at online baccarat Normal style that most people like to play together. Most of which, in many websites, there are only 3 betting options, namely Player Wins, Banker Wins or Tie. But if you want to add to the fun Just click to play at AE Casino, here you will experience playing that is more fun and exciting. With up to 11 betting options: To play entrance is:  ทางเข้า UFABET.

  • Player bets on the Player’s side to have more points.
  • Banker Bets on the banker side have more points.
  • Tie, both sides of the thousand points are equal.
  • BIG BET A 3 card is drawn.
  • Small Bet no 3 card is drawn.
  • double double
  • Banker Pair The first 2 cards of the dealer are pair.
  • Pair Player. Player’s first 2 cards are pair.
  • Bonus Bet on Player and Banker’s Points Payout rate up to 30 times

Baccarat Insurance

Baccarat Insurance has a betting style similar to regular Baccarat. But after 2 cards are dealt you have 10 seconds to purchase insurance. In which the conditions for buying insurance, the player can only buy half of the amount wagered. For the main options that are open to bets are as follows:

  • Player bets on the player’s side having more points.
  • Banker bets on the banker side having more points.
  • Tie Bet on both sides of the thousand points being equal.
  • Big (Big) Bet 3 card drawn.
  • Small (Small) bet no 3 card drawn.
  • Banker Pair bet on the first 2 banker’s cards as a pair.
  • Player Pair Bet on the Player’s first 2 cards as a pair.

Bet example

If placing a bet on the Player’s side, 20 baht. When showing a card, the player has a card of 6 points. The dealer’s card 1 point. Then press the button to buy insurance. And put the insurance amount of 6 baht. (the payout rate will vary according to the points). Which if The dealer draws a third card and wins on the Player’s side.

Baccarat Speed

Baccarat Speed, also known as Speed ​​Baccarat, is the fastest betting card game. Is a bet that is the same as betting on baccarat everything. But the duration of betting per 1 eye takes only 10 seconds Perfect for those who want to be quick or have a few minutes.