What kind of shirt should I wear with big arms. With techniques for dressing to camouflage your figure to look beautiful.

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It’s normal for people to be dissatisfied with their own bodies. Some people are worried about big hips. I’m afraid that wearing tight pants won’t make me beautiful. Some people are worried about their breasts. that may be too small or too large Makes clothes not beautiful But another problem that think always had is the matter of big upper arms. Wearing anything makes us look fat, even though in reality we’re not fat at all. ( dressing )

What kind of shirt should I wear with big arms. Techniques for dressing to camouflage large sleeves to look stunning.

As for dressing techniques to camouflage large arms to look great, there are simple dressing techniques as follows. Report by สมัคร ufabet

Wear an oversized shirt

Oversize shirts, the more you wear them, the cooler they become! This type of fashion is becoming widely popular. If you are looking for a worthwhile and cool style for dressing. Don’t miss out on creating a look with oversize shirts in various colors, whether it’s a t-shirt. A sweater or hoodie. The bulkiness of the shirt will help hide the entire upper arm. Not only does it help you look compact. It also helps to complement the beautiful style.

Wear an open-shoulder shirt

Girls with big arms don’t have to choose to wear shirts that cover up that much. You can choose an off-shoulder style or an off-shoulder top with flared sleeves. This will help emphasize the shoulder line and make it look simpler and more transparent. This will draw more attention to your shoulders. It can also add a sexy charm to your look.

Choose a 3/4 sleeve shirt.

For girls who don’t like to wear long-sleeved shirts because they feel hot and inconvenient. Try wearing a short-sleeved shirt that might be an interesting option. You can choose shirts with details at the end of the sleeves to emphasize the chic look and catch the eye. It’s a dressing look for girls with big arms. What kind of shirt should I wear? And it’s another cute way to dress up to camouflage your figure. 

Wear a puffy sleeve shirt.

Shirts with puffy sleeves or doll sleeves It’s a good option to help camouflage our upper arms to make them look smaller. Not only that Controlling the waistline of your jeans to fit with puffy sleeves or doll sleeves also makes the outfit look cute and put together perfectly. If you want to be the cutest on any occasion, you can also choose to wear it as a dress with doll sleeves.

Wear a wide-sleeved wool cardigan.

Wool cardigans with a thin body and wide sleeves are very popular these days. This look can be paired with a sleeveless shirt or tank top. It is also suitable for a t-shirt to emphasize the concealment of the upper arms. And can also create a sweet and cute look.

Cover with a thin shirt.

When hot weather arrives Wearing a thick cloth coat may not be a comfortable choice. If you want a cool, casual look Try wearing a tank top and covering it up with a light shirt. Pair it with long jeans or shorts for a chill look. Wearing a shirt can also camouflage large arms for girls. It’s also very good.

Wear a suit over it.

For girls who work in an office and want a dignified waistline. You can choose to wear a suit over your everyday clothes. Wearing a suit is a good option because it has straight sleeves that help conceal your upper arms. The stiff style of the suit also makes the arms look smaller.