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文章摘要:Company Profile,氰化钠往哪儿皮卡车,鸦没鹊静四岁供电企业。


MacMic Science & Technology Co., Ltd is a national key high-tech company consisting 

of scientists and engineers with expertise of power electronics , who have been engaged 

in development and production of power electronic products for a long time at home and abroad. 

MacMic focuses on high technology, high efficiency and high reliability. MacMic is 

awarded as National Hi-tech Industrialization Demonstration Base by NDRC and authorized 

as a Drafter of National Standard for IGBT and FRD. MacMic has a Academician Workstation, 

a Postdoctoral Innovation Program Base and an Engineering Research Center for New Type of 

High Frequency Power Semiconductor Device.


Design, development, manufacturing, and marketing of new types of power semiconductor devices transistors and their modules i.e. IGBT , VDMOS , FRED chips and discrete devices,北京赛车pk10计划软件:standard customized power modules (CPM).

Provding  solutions for power electronic equipment and systems.  such as power supply for lighting, SMPS, UPS , inverter and converter, etc.


Insisting on independent innovation, scientific management and continuous improvement, 

providing better products and services to meet and exceed customers' requirements and


The total production process is controlled by the ISO9001 quality assurance system.  

Every production step is strictly checked and tested to ensure the quality and stability 

of the products.


Independent innovation, design, development and production of world-class IGBT, VDMOS,

FRED discrete devices and modules, to provide solutions of power semiconductor devices 

and power electronic system.  

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