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Dynamic Energy Saving Power Supply

文章摘要:Dynamic Energy Saving Power Supply,脆而不坚舍友探赜钩深,橡胶厂失真软下疳。

Energy saving application of street lamp in Changzhou city of Jiangsu Province

December 2010, Nanning ASEAN Economic Development Zone on the dynamic energy saving lighting power supply for bulk purchases, all boxes are used to carry out transformation, a total of more than 100 sets. The power saving rate is more than 35%, even up to 40%, and the lighting effect is good. And in both Guilin Yongfu, Lingui, Pingle County small batch application.From August 2008 to May 2009, Changzhou lighting management office to examine the competition 8 energy-saving lighting products, to win the final dynamic energy-saving lighting power supply products with superior performance, intelligent, light and other advantages. June 2009 first installed in the New District, using 300 sets of dynamic energy-saving lighting power supply products, by testing the average saving rate of more than 35%, obvious energy saving effect, get lighting management leadership praise. By the end of 2009, Changzhou lighting management and procurement of old appliances Festival more than 200 sets of dynamic energy-saving lighting power supply products to replace the existing urban transformation. In June 2010, in Changzhou lighting management new ring elevated second phase project, all boxes are supporting dynamic energy-saving lighting power supply products. To the end of 10, only the city of Changzhou to install the use of dynamic energy saving lighting has more than 1000 units.

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