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文章摘要:Our Contribution,背痛了解疲劳感,钻坚研微包着百分率。

There is only one earth, and it is our common home. Over the past century, human activities have caused a series of resources and environmental problems, and the future of the earth is facing severe challenges. Every country and nation, each enterprise and individual shall act dutifully, unswervingly promote green development.

General acceptance of international society, resources and environment problems is the problem of the development of human society after all. With oil, coal and other non renewable resource depletion, climate warming, environmental degradation and other issues, the international energy experts said global uranium and petroleum resources will within the next 40 years were depleted, renewable energy development and utilization will be increasingly favored by more and more attention by the international community. Renewable energy, because it is the result of sustainable life and growth in nature, can be recycled. Renewable resources including solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, water energy, biomass energy and ocean energy, etc.. In the long term, renewable energy will become the dominant energy future of mankind.

In order to the common interests of the world, we must now begin to take positive and decisive action, to faster and with less environmental impact to achieve green transformation, increase renewable energy research and development and popularization and application. In the process of green transformation, as the creator of social wealth and resources are consumed the largest enterprises should first picking up of the green banner of responsibility. Jiangsu macro and Micro Technology Co., Ltd in China actively fulfill their corporate social responsibility, and in the development process of Shenxianshizu to make the example and results.

Jiangsu MacMic Science & Technology Co., Ltd. since its establishment, in order to provide green energy saving and environmental protection as its mission and the objectives of the company is independent innovation, design, development and production of world-class novel power semiconductor discrete devices and modules (Fred, VDMOS, IGBT), to build national brand; become expert in providing green energy efficient electronic products and power electronic system solutions. Through independent innovation, the company will be built in the country with the largest independent intellectual property rights, the most complete varieties, the highest yield in the international has a certain influence on the internationalization of national enterprises. Since its inception, the company to green energy as its responsibility, the development of a series of new power semiconductor devices and modules and efficient energy-saving lighting products. Existing 60 kinds of chip products, more than 240 power module products to the market. Chip products 100% to fill the domestic blank, power module products 92% to fill the domestic blank. Dynamic energy saving lighting power products to achieve the "domestic initiative, the international leader" level. The company's products have been sold to 5 countries, more than 600 customers. Macro micro independent research and development of the welding machine dedicated FRED discrete devices and modules, has accounted for more than 30% of the domestic market.

Corporate social responsibility is an important force to promote the construction of a harmonious society. The construction of a harmonious society requires us to attach great importance to people-oriented, promote scientific and technological progress and independent innovation, pay attention to environmental protection and conservation, pay attention to employment, promote community construction, etc.. A harmonious society must be a society with a high sense of responsibility. Corporate social responsibility is a specific action service to build a socialist harmonious society. Macro and micro science and technology to enhance the capacity for sustainable development of the company as the goal, to promote the optimal allocation of energy resources, focusing on the comprehensive optimal allocation of energy resources and sustainable development of power industry. To fulfill economic responsibility, strengthen management, create more social wealth, to provide security Everfount renewable resources for economic and social development, formed the cornerstone of a harmonious society. Fulfill honesty, dedication, fraternity innovation of moral responsibility, to promote the good situation of harmony between man and nature.

In the energy-saving emission reduction, low-carbon economy, create and effective utilization of renewable energy of the broad avenue, macro and micro science and technology to corporate social responsibility into a steady stream of energy, not only to promote yourself to grow strong in the continuous growth, more will be to promote the broad power of the whole nation and even the development and progress of mankind.

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